Figma Starter Kit 1.5


Get a jump start on your Figma projects with this starter kit.

Includes all basic components, it's a great way to get started without any clutter.

What you get:

  • Forms
  • Buttons
  • Basic Icons
  • Tables
  • A few examples
  • Works great on mobile projects out of the box
  •  Now with Auto-Layout + Variants
  • Dark Mode

v1.5 Components with Variants + Darkmode (Feb '22)

  • Most components have now variants
  • Improved Colors
  • Dark mode colors added (still testing)

v1.4 Auto-Layout (Oct '21)

  • Updated forms, buttons & tables with auto-layout (still testing some bugs)
  • Due to heavy refactoring, your current projects will break - make sure you don't replace v1.3 (my advice would be to keep using it and start new projects with 1.4)
  • Removed Dark Mode (a bit overkill to be honest, since this kit is meant to be be used to quickly prototype stuff and it was a bit too cluttered).

I kept v1.3 in the zip file for convenience. As the Figma team makes improvements to auto-layout, I will try to keep the updates coming.

If you can suggest improvements, hit me up @bstefan

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Figma Starter Kit 1.5

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